A Bit About The Writer

This blog is an interesting exercise. We are defined in various ways, sometimes as we wish to be, and others in ways that are thoroughly out of our control. But this is my journal, and I am writing primarily for myself. And since perspective is important …

I am a husband, father and grandfather. The life that has flowed from those three roles has been incredibly rewarding and wonderful in ways difficult to describe. The good news is that family is remarkably important, endlessly rewarding, and just fun, as anyone so blessed will know.

I am a teacher. This role frequently puts me in the company of groups of bright young people excited to learn about all sorts of new stuff. I tell my students they are incredibly fortunate that society has allowed its best and brightest to wander around in a park, learning from many smart people while they grow into responsible, productive citizens. I do my best to help them get to that place. The truth is … I am as lucky as they are.

JH Shannon

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